Millions of people globally have missing  or have broken down teeth. One of the many different implant treatment options that they may have includes  the “All On 4”.

The “All on 4” procedure was invented by Dr Paulo Malo in the 1990s in Portugal. Four to six implants are placed in the jaw bone to support an acrylic or zirconia bridge which predictably restores patient’s chewing function and smile. As per the MALO CLINIC Implant Protocol, the posterior implants are tilted to avoid anatomical features and thus may not need lengthy bone grafting or sinus lift procedures.  Due to the safety profile published in the literature of an 98.2% success rate, it is widely accepted as the gold standard for full mouth implants.

However this implant treatment is technique sensitive and the success of the treatment depends on proper initial treatment planning, expertise of the treating dentists and cooperation between the surgeon, restoring dentist and the dental laboratory.